If This Doesn’t Make Us Delight in God, What Will?

“If the love of a father will not make a child delight in him, what will? Exercise your thoughts upon this very thing, the eternal, free, and fruitful love of the Father, and

see if your hearts be not wrought upon to delight in Him. I dare boldly say: believers will find it as thriving a course as ever they pitched on in their lives. Sit down a little at the fountain, and you will quickly have a further discovery of the sweetness of the streams. You who have run from Him, will not be able, after a while, to keep at a distance for a moment.” -John Owen

See the love of God

“Many saints have no greater burden in their lives than that their hearts do not come clearly and fully up, constantly to delight and rejoice in God-that there is still an unwillingness of spirit unto close walking with Him. What is at the bottom of this distemper?
Is it not their unskillfulness in or neglect of this duty, even of holding communion with the Father in love? So much as we see of the love of God, so much shall we delight in Him, and no more. Every other discovery of God, without this, will but make the soul fly from Him.” -John Owen

Murray: Intelligent Mysticism

“It is necessary for us to recognize that there is an intelligent mysticism in the life of faith… of living union and communion with the exalted and ever-present Redeemer… He communes with his people and his people commune with him in conscious reciprocal love… The life of true faith cannot be that of cold metallic assent. It must have the passion and warmth of love and communion because communion with God is the crown and apex of true religion.” -John Murray