“According to Woodward and Bernstein in All the President’s Men, during his tenure in the White House G. Gordon Liddy had a little sign on his desk that read, ‘When you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.'” -Gerald Piaget, Control Freaks


False Hopes, Wrong Kingdom

“Your hope is absolutely attached to what kingdom you are serving. If your life is defined by how many of your little kingdom purposes you can realize, you will tend to be stressed, controlling, anxious, disappointed, and fearful. You have defined your life by what you cannot control and by what God has not promised. Sadly, it is all very self-defeating. But if your hope no longer rests on your personal wisdom, strength, and character, if it no longer rests on the acceptance and performance of other people, and no longer rests on the belief that circumstances, institutions, and situations will not fail you, then you are beginning to move toward reliable hope.” -Paul Tripp

God Manipulation

“This kind of religion, whether in Christian or other forms, is idolatry by biblical definition. For at the heart of idolatry is the attempt to manipulate “God” or the unseen “spiritual world” in order to obtain security and well-being for oneself and one “group” (whether family, business corporation, ethnic community, or nation-state). Biblical faith, in contrast, is the radical abandonment of our whole being in grateful trust and love to the God disclosed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ: so that we become willing agents in a costly confrontation with every form of evil and unjust suffering in the world. This faith involves us in embracing the pain and confusion of others, and in being willing to live with uncertainty ourselves while moving towards a future that is already at work among us.” – Vinoth Ramaachandra