‘Take it to the Lord’

“The Psalms are not only the longest book of the Bible; they are also the most varied. All life, in all its variety and complexity, is represented here. Yet all this multiplicity can be brought under one heading: ‘take it to the Lord.’ You know how you can take a mirror and so angle it to the sun that sunlight can be re-directed into a dark corner— or wherever? The Psalms teach us to set our lives at an angle, making sure our lives are so ‘angled’ that everything is at once transmitted into the Lord’s presence, and put into the context of what is true about him.” -Alec Motyer, A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Loving the Old Testament

The Difference Between a Confident Request and a Demand

“Sometimes expectation is a sign of arrogance. There is a world of difference between a confident request and a demand. Both expect the same result, but the one who makes a request knows that the one of whom the request is made also has the legitimate right of refusal. Someone who makes a demand knows nothing of this.” -John Koessler