Worship as Essential to the Universe’s Upkeep

“later Jewish writers of priestly interests… “saw the maintenance of worship in the temple as one of the pillars of the universe.” R. Alan Cole, Exodus, pg. 17

BTW NOTE: Okay, now think of how Christ is the perfect high priest in the heavenly temple, and that according to Hebrews (which explains all those things) also says that Christ “upholds the universe by the word of his power” (1:3). In other words, Christ fulfills this idea of a worshiper beinge the pillar of the universe.


Hermeneutical Hiccups of Westerners

“The very existence of these problems [related to date, location, etc of the Exodus] in our minds only shows that we are scientifically-minded Westerners. Indeed, in one sense, we are importing our own problems into the Scriptures, and then blaming the Scriptures because we do not find answers there. Assuredly, to the original writers, these were no problems, or they would have framed their accounts differently. We are not to blame for being ‘scientific man,’ any more than the Hebrews are to blame for being ‘prescientific man,’ but we must learn not to ask of Scripture the answers which it is not written to give. If we must ask these questions, then we can only guess at the answers.” -R. Alan Cole, Exodus, p. 16