The Accuser Stirs Up Our Pride (Grace Stirs Up Faith)

“What I hope you’ll avoid, though, is the continual rehearsal over and over again of sins, particularly those you have repented of. Such rehearsal is not a result of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. It is a function of our enemy as he incites our pride. For instance, there are sins in my life that I committed years and years ago, and yet hardly a day goes by without my revisiting them. I would like to think that is because I’m so bent on holiness, but I doubt that’s the case. If I were really that concerned about God’s honor, I would believe what he has said about them, that they are forgiven, and I would live in humble gratitude. But I don’t. I mull over them and then try to make up excuses and turn them around and repent all over again.” -Elyze Fitzpatrick, Comforts from the Cross

The First Doctrine Rejected in History

“The first doctrine to be denied, according to the Bible, is the doctrine of judgment [Genesis 3:4, “You will not certainly die.”]. In many disputes about God and religion, this pattern often repeats itself, because if you can get rid of that one teaching, then rebellion has no adverse consequences, and so you are free to do anything.” -D.A. Carson

We Know The Spirit’s Voice By Its Agreement With Scripture

“But lest under his [The Holy Spirit’s] sign the spirit of Satan should creep in, he would have us recognize him in his own image, which he ahs stamped upon the Scriptures. He is the Author of the Scriptures: he cannot vary and differ from himself. Hence he must ever remain just as he once revealed himself there.” -John Calvin

Satan’s Fiery Darts

“Sinclair Ferguson helpfully labels these four ploys “Satan’s `fiery darts” [Rom. 8:31-35]. He summarizes them in this way:
Fiery Dart 1: “God is against you,” Satan says. “He is not really for you. How can you believe He is for you when you see the things that are happening in your life?”
Fiery Dart 2: “I have accusations I will bring against you because of your sins,” Satan argues. “What can you say in your defense? Nothing.”
Fiery Dart 3: “You say you are forgiven, but there is a payback day coming-a condemnation day,” Satan insinuates. “How will you defend yourself then?”
Fiery Dart 4: “Given your track record, what hope is there that you will persevere to the end?” Satan asks.” -Derek Thomas