Parables as Mirrors

What is a parable? Why did Jesus tell these stories? … He was using them in a way as mirrors. Every parable is a mirror that Jesus holds up before our eyes and asks us ‘What do you see in this mirror?’ And he judges and assess our spiritual condition by our ability to see the right things in the mirror. I have a friend who has been, over the years, a well-known Christian counselor, and I remember him saying on one occasion often when someone comes into see him, if a Christian comes in to see him, one of the first questions he will ask is, ‘Tell me which parable of Jesus you really don’t like.’ And you can understand why he says that, because if there’s something in a parable… that when you read it you’re irritated by it, then to that extent that parable has been a mirror that has revealed what is really in your heart.” -Sinclair Ferguson, sermon “The Waiting Father”

Satan’s Fiery Darts

“Sinclair Ferguson helpfully labels these four ploys “Satan’s `fiery darts” [Rom. 8:31-35]. He summarizes them in this way:
Fiery Dart 1: “God is against you,” Satan says. “He is not really for you. How can you believe He is for you when you see the things that are happening in your life?”
Fiery Dart 2: “I have accusations I will bring against you because of your sins,” Satan argues. “What can you say in your defense? Nothing.”
Fiery Dart 3: “You say you are forgiven, but there is a payback day coming-a condemnation day,” Satan insinuates. “How will you defend yourself then?”
Fiery Dart 4: “Given your track record, what hope is there that you will persevere to the end?” Satan asks.” -Derek Thomas