Union with Christ and the Bigger Picture

“There is so much we could say about the cosmic and communal aspects of our union with Christ, but for now, let’s just whet our imaginations. Union with Christ means we are part of a larger family, a broader mission, a longer story, a bigger world, and a deeper love.” -Rankin Wilbourne, Union with Christ

Union with Christ Answers the Big Questions

“Now that we know what union with Christ is and why we need it, where it came from and where it went, in this next part we will come down from the attic and start to see how it will change your life. Union with Christ is a whole new mindset. It offers surprising answers to our oldest questions:

Identity— Who am I?

Destiny— Where am I headed?

Purpose— What should I be doing?

Hope— What can I hope for along the way?”

-Rankin Wilbourne

Self-centeredness vs. Union with Christ

“Perhaps, then, another reason it’s difficult, if not impossible, for us to embrace union with Christ is because it displaces us from the center of our own lives, where we naturally love to be. It tells us that the most important part of our identity comes from outside ourselves and that, therefore, our posture needs to be one of dependence and vulnerability, of waiting and trust. To an age that embraces self-promotion as fervently as our own, union with Christ will come across not only as bizarre and strange but even distasteful and offensive.” -Rankin Wilbourne


Dark Energy and Union with Christ

“Scientists tell us that something called dark energy makes up about 75 percent of the universe. But the fascinating thing is, as one of today’s leading scientists admits, “no one knows what it is.” 1 So there’s something real, but invisible, and central to the world in which we live, something that permeates all we see and know, and not only do we rarely talk about it, but we’re not even sure where to start. If you’re wondering, Why do I need to know about union with Christ? Is it really necessary? I’ve gotten along fine thus far without understanding it. Perhaps you feel that union with Christ is like dark energy— invisible, mysterious, impractical, because it’s true that you can get through your whole life having never once thought about dark energy. And most of us do. But we have seen, in the last two chapters, that union with Christ is central to the gospel, biblically and historically.” -Rankin Wilbourne


Union with Christ, Like a Marriage, Sealed with the ‘Kiss’ of the Spirit

“Oh happy kiss, and wonder of amazing self-humbling which is not a mere meeting of lips, but the union of God with man. The touch of lips signifies the bringing together of souls. But this conjoining of natures unites the human with the divine and makes peace between earth and heaven.… “For he himself is our peace, who made the two one” (Eph. 2: 14).” -Bernard of Clairvaux


What the Early Church Taught That Bridged the Gap Between Doctrine and Practice

“They were able to articulate the connection between the doctrines of the faith and the Christian life in a clearer and more persuasive way than we are usually able to do.… The way the early church avoided the problem of divorcing doctrine from Christian life was by understanding all of Christian life in direct connection to God’s life.… Doctrine, as they understood it, pointed beyond itself to God, in whose life human beings are called to share.” -Donald Fairburn, Life in the Trinity


For Eternal Life, Christ Must Be Made Man

“The Word of God was made man, and he who was the Son of God became the Son of Man, that man, having been taken into the Word, and receiving the adoption, might become the son of God. For by no other means could we have attained to incorruptibility and immortality, unless we had been united to incorruptibility and immortality.” -Ireneaus