If Christianity were genuinely taken to heart

“It should be uncontroversial… to say that if the teachings of Christianity were genuinely to take root in human hearts–if indeed we all believed that God is love and that we ought to love our neighbors as ourselves– we should have no desire for war, should hate injustice worse than death, and should find indifference to the sufferings of others impossible.” -David Bentley Hart


What Separates Christianity From the Rest

“Christianity is the only major faith built entirely around a single historical claim. It is, however, a claim unlike any other ever made, as any perceptive and scrupulous historian must recognize. Certainly it bears no resemblance to the vague fantasies of witless enthusiasts or to the cunning machinations of opportunistic charlatans. It is the report of men and women who had suffered the devastating defeat of their beloved master’s death, but who in a very short time were proclaiming an immediate experience of his living presence beyond the tomb, and who were, it seems, willing to suffer privation, imprisonment, torture, and death rather than deny that experience. And it is the report of a man who had never known Jesus before the crucifixion, and had once persecuted Jesus’ followers, but who also believed that he had experienced the risen Christ, with such shattering power that he too preferred death to apostasy.” -David Bentley Hart, Atheist Delusions