Happiness: It’s (Partly) About How You See the World

“Ninety percent of your long-term happiness is predicted not by your external world, but the way your brain processes the world.” -David Murray, The Happy Christian

All or Nothing Investments

“Anxiety is a string around our finger reminding us that money has become our refuge. Find anxiety about finances and you find sin; it is as simple as that. Confession acknowledges that we still invest in both kingdoms, hoping to minimize our risk. The rule of kingdom investment, however, is all or nothing. All hedged bets are deposited in the earthly kingdom— the one with “mine” written all over it. Everything must go into one account or the other. This doesn’t mean that every penny must go into the offering basket. You might be a world-class giver, at least on your 1040 form, but you still fret about finances. You are not confessing what percentage you give and keep; you are confessing how money has been your hope, security, and confidence. The problems, at root, are relational, and the way to deal with relational problems is to actually confess them to the Lord.” -Ed Welch, Running Scared

Test It Out

“Take no truths upon trust, but all upon trial.” -Thomas Brooks

BTW NOTE: This probably requires a nuance of some sort, because taken absolutely it is naturalism. How does one ‘take upon trial’ the truth that Christ was resurrected as the firstfruits of our resurrection? Perhaps the trial is made of the evidence that the Scripture that teaches this is divine revelation? Or that the resurrection has a better argument in support of it than any other humanistic or religious hope?