The Problem with Dualism

Blocher Original Sin“Actually, dualism turns evil into a metaphysical principle, equal ultimately with good. Dualism grants evil a place with good, within some kind of order. Indignation at its presence thus becomes pointless. Berkouwer makes the incisive comment: ‘Dualism is only a cosmic excuse in metaphysical garb.’ But sin in experience and in the doctrine of original sin is literally atopos–a word used in the New Testament for people who behave ‘out of order,’ with malignant motives (2 Thess. 3:2).” Henri Blocher, Original Sin: Illuminating the Riddle, pg. 93

BW COMMENT: What this means is that if one holds to a dualistic view of good and evil, as always eternally present, battle with evil becomes pointless because you can never defeat. All concern for justice is a fruitless waste of time and contrary to the very fabric of the universe, itself. For good to truly be a purposeful endeavor, evil must be an intruder in the world.