Calvin on The Virtue and Office of the Word of God

Here’s a nice, devotional-esque quote from John Calvin on the word of God as a means of grace. This is from his 1540 “Short Treatise on the Holy Supper of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

4. The Virtue and Office of the Word of God in Regard to Our Souls

To maintain us in this spiritual life, the thing requisite is not to feed our bodies with fading and corruptible food, but to nourish our souls on the best and most precious diet. Now all Scripture tells us, that the spiritual food by which our souls are maintained is that same word by which the Lord has regenerated us; but it frequently adds the reason, viz., that in it Jesus Christ, our only life, is given and administered to us. For we must not imagine that there is life anywhere than in God. But just as God has placed all fullness of life in Jesus, in order to communicate it to us by his means, so he ordained his word as the instrument by which Jesus Christ, with all his graces, is dispensed to us. Still it always remains true, that our souls have no other pasture than Jesus Christ. Our heavenly Father, therefore, in his care to nourish us, gives us no other, but rather recommends us to take our fill there, as refreshment amply sufficient, with which we cannot dispense, and beyond which no other can be found. (Treatises on the Sacraments: Tracts by John Calvin, ed. Henry Beveridge, 165-166)