“Holiness is not something we are called upon to do in order that we may become something; it is something we are to do because of what we already are.” -D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones


Sibbes: Christ’s Fullness of the Spirit vs. Ours

“And therefore he must needs have the Spirit in greatest abundance. His fullness of the Spirit is as the fullness of the fountain; ours is but as the fullness of the cistern. He hath grace in the spring; we have it but in the conduit. His graces are primitive; ours derivative. We have nothing but what we have received. Therefore it is said, ‘He hath the oil of gladness poured upon him above his fellows,’ Ps. 45:7.” -Richard Sibbes, Glorious Freedom: The Excellency of Gospel above the Law

Kinds of Apostasy

“We make a distinction between de facto apostasy and de jure apostasy, between formal and material apostasy. Formal apostasy is when the church clearly and unequivocally denies an essential truth of the Christian faith. De facto apostasy is apostasy at a material or practical level, where the creeds are still intact but the church doesn’t believe the creeds anymore. The church undermines the very creeds that they say that they believe.” -R.C. Sproul, What is the Church?

The Difference Between Regeneration and Glorification

“the beginning of the Christian life is a new birth, not an immediate creation of the full grown man. But although the new life has not yet come to full fruition, the Christian knows that the fruition will not fail; he is confident that the God who has begun a good work in him will complete it unto the day of Christ; he knows that the Christ who has loved him and given Himself for him will not fail him now, but through the Holy Spirit will build him up unto the perfect man. That is what Paul means by living the Christian life by faith.” -J. Gresham Machen, Christianity and Liberalism

Machen: To Make Faith Merely Practical Is To Make it a Pathology

“Faith is the opinion that some person will do something for you. If that person really will do that thing for you, then the faith is true. If he will not do it, then the faith is false. In the latter case, not all the benefits in the world will make the faith true. Though it has transformed the world from darkness to light, though it has produced thousands of glorious healthy lives, it remains a pathological phenomenon. It is false, and sooner or later it is sure to be found out.” -J. Gresham Machen, Christianity and Liberalism