Individualism Has Brought Some Social Benefits

“One Puritan belief was an increased emphasis on the authority of individual experience in spiritual formation. This belief would have revolutionary consequences. The emphasis on the individual soul and its importance helped to move men and women toward greater spiritual equality. And such spiritual equality naturally had implications for other spheres; spiritual equality expanded into personal, political, and social equality.” -Karen Swallow Prior, Fierce Convictions

Sin as Self-Sovereignty

“The essence of sin is self-sovereignty. Repentance, therefore, isn’t simply feeling sorry for sin. It’s losing control—dying to the need to direct, defend, define, or do. It’s allowing the true King to reign at last.” -Duke Kwon

Wilbourne: How Unlimited Freedom Is a Let Down

“First, Choose Your Own Identity’s accent on unlimited freedom often leads to paralysis.

Second, and closely related to the first, this mindset leads to greater anxiety.

Third, having more choices actually makes us more discontent.

Fourth, the freedom-enthroning narrative of Choose Your Own Identity ends up robbing us of the very freedom it promises.

Fifth, this mindset affects how we view God.”