Despair, Arrogance, Self-Reliance

“Despair and arrogance are two sides of the same coin-and that coin is called self-reliance.” Andrew Davis, Revitalize


Wilbourne: How Unlimited Freedom Is a Let Down

“First, Choose Your Own Identity’s accent on unlimited freedom often leads to paralysis.

Second, and closely related to the first, this mindset leads to greater anxiety.

Third, having more choices actually makes us more discontent.

Fourth, the freedom-enthroning narrative of Choose Your Own Identity ends up robbing us of the very freedom it promises.

Fifth, this mindset affects how we view God.”



“the original listeners were not melted into tears by this story but rather they were thunderstruck, offended, and infuriated. Jesus’s purpose is not to warm our hearts but to shatter our categories. Through this parable Jesus challenges what nearly everyone has ever thought about God, sin, and salvation. His story reveals the destructive self-centeredness of the younger brother, but it also condemns the elder brother’s moralistic life in the strongest terms.” -Tim Keller, The Prodigal God