How We Avoid Things We Don’t Want To Do

“Do not let the desires of the flesh turn you away from these our earnest words [about fasting]. It is so easy to label ‘superstition’ anything that thwarts those desires.” -Abraham Kuyper

Love Kuyper, But Not This Quote About The Nature of Sabbath Observance

“In many of our Christian homes Sunday is still observed with impressive quietness and solemnity. There is a hush in the home. No running up and down the stairs, no rushing about. But a subdued, restful spirit of solemnity. In the kitchen, too, there is little activity, for the meals are of the simplest, merely enough to satisfy hunger.” -Abraham Kuyper

More Reason To Fast

“Unhesitatingly we recommend fasting for the Christians of today. In fact, we are inclined to say that there is more reason for fasting in our day than ever before. Corrupted human nature yearns for luxury, and tends to become more corrupt as wealth and luxury increase. God knows that we cannot well be checked except by burdens and sorrows. And he himself has suggested fasting, by means of which we may guard against the unspiritual influence of ease and luxury.” -Abraham Kuyper

Common Grace: The Preserver of Beauty

“From this it becomes evident that common grace has performed a twofold service with respect to beauty. First, common grace has spared much paradise beauty and preserved it from loss, and continues to supply us along our life’s way with such a rich treasure of beautiful things in nature. Common grace has tempered the curse and in this

way left us with genuine poetry within nature. One and the same stem holds both the unfurled rosebud and the wounding thorn. Second, within the sinful human being common grace has preserved from complete loss the sense of this beauty in nature.” -Abraham Kuyper