The Heart of Christianity… Life in Christ

“The letter turns around a question that every age has asked in different ways: What is the heart of true Christianity? [Henry] Scougal’s answer was that true Christianity consists not in the trappings of religion, not in going to church or in the saying of prayers, not in the making of orthodox affirmations or any external form. Rather, Scougal wrote, true Christianity consists in a “union of the soul with God, a real participation of the divine nature, the very image of God drawn upon the soul, or, in the apostle’s phrase, it is Christ formed within us … a divine life.”” -Rankin Wilbourne


The Single Life and Fulfillment

“For all of us living in a sex-saturated world, the fact that we follow a single guy, who never had sex and yet lived the most full life there is, should be a huge encouragement.” – Andrew Wilson

Sometimes True, But Mostly False

“Rather than court absurdity, however, let us graciously grant that there is indeed such a thing as unthinking religious conviction, just as there is a great deal of unthinking irreligious materialism. Let us also, more magnanimously, grant the truth of the second conviction I attributed too these writers above: that religions is violent, that religion in fact kills. At least, let us grant that it is exactly as true, as intelligent significant, as the propositions ‘politics kills’ and ‘color reddens.’ For many thing are true in a general sense, even when, in the majority of specific cases, they are false.” -David Bentley Hart

Medicine and Christian History

“There was, after all, a long tradition of Christian monastic hospitals for the destitute and dying, going back to the days of Constantine and stretching from the Syrian an Byzantine East to the Western fringes of Christendom, a tradition that had no real precedent in pagan societies…” -David Bentley Hart, Atheist Delusions, pg. 30

A Society Haunted by Christianity (II)

“It is simply the case that we distant children of the pagans would not be able to believe in any of these things [i.e. altruism, social justice]–they would never have occurred to us–had our ancestors not once believed that God is love, that charity is the foundation of all virtues, that all of us are equal before the eyes of God, that to fail to feed the hungry or care for the suffering is to sin against Christ, and that Christ laid down his life for the least of his brethren.” -David Bentley Hart