New Beginnings are Frightening

“…sometimes a crisis is not really a crisis at all – just a new beginning. Because one thing she’s learned through all this is that if a new beginning is really new, it will feel like a crisis. Any real change should make you feel, at first, afraid. If you’re not afraid, then it’s not real change.” from Nathan Hill’s novel The Nix

Worry Doesn’t Do Much

“Even when he became gravely ill while traveling, the letters he wrote from the road revealed a teasing, tender sweetness. In 1546, on the way home from a conference with the dukes in Eisleben,

Luther wrote: To the saintly, worrying Lady Katherine Luther, doctor at Zulsdorf and Wittenberg, my gracious dear wife: We thank you heartily for being so worried that you can’t sleep, for since you started worrying about us, a fire broke out near my door and yesterday, no doubt due to your worry, a big stone, save for the dear angels, would have fallen and crushed us like a mouse in a trap. If you don’t stop worrying, I’m afraid the earth will swallow us.” [Bainton, Women of the Reformation]

Michelle DeRusha, 50 Women Every Christian Should Know

We’ve Had the Best, All That’s Left is the Rest?

Ipsos Mori research in more than twenty countries found that “most young adults in Europe, North America, Japan and Australia fear that their nations’ best days are behind them. . . . Ina stark warning, the head of the world’s foremost economic research institute, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), described such pessimism among western youth as ‘politically explosive.’ ” -David Murray, The Happy Christian