A Unique Revelation of God’s Love

“And you say, ‘Well the religions of the world say God is a God of love.’ Don’t you believe that. Buddhism doesn’t believe that God is personal. Neither does Hinduism really. And actually one time I remember having a dialogue, a public dialogue, with the Muslims–Muslims and Christians together–and we talked about God’s love. And the Muslims are willing to say ‘We believe in God being merciful,’ but when I brought up the Christian idea from the Bible, ‘God is our spouse, God is our lover, God is our father, God is our friend, God sheds his love abroad in my heart.’ And our Muslim friends said, ‘That is disrespectful. We would never talk about God that way.'” -Tim Keller, sermon “The God Who Is”

Why Christians Talk about Wrath (and Grace)

Providence of God “We do not deal with wrath and grace as two balanced determinants in history, but as a message that come to the world so that mercy may turn away anger, and that wrath be not accumulated unto the day of judgment.” -G.C. Berkouwer, The Providence of God, pg. 82

BW COMMENT: In other words, the reason Christians speak of a day of wrath isn’t because we want to consign anyone to that day, but so that all might avoid it.