Why We Need the Doctrine of Sin

  1. It reminds us that life is a moral affair- life is more than brain chemistry and upbringing, it involves moral responsibility and a series of choices.
  2. Sin is communal- it is a problem that all of humanity shares in together (this makes sympathy possible, and it makes the battle against sin a collective effort).
  3. It rings true- it’s how we take good ideas and push them too far into self-serving ideas.
  4. Without it character is impossible to develop- character is built through battling internal sins.

David Brooks, The Road to Character

Apologetics: When Jesus is Identified with YHWH

“A remarkable indicator of the high christology of the New Testament writers can be seen in the rather comfortable way in which they are able to understand Jesus as the YHWH of certain Old Testament texts. Obviously this shows that writers of the New Testament thought of Jesus as the manifestation of deity. Thus, he could be equated with YHWH.

Some of the most important New Testament texts in which Jesus is understood as YHWH are Acts 2:21, 2:34-35; Romans 10:13; Philippians 2:9-11; 1 Peter 3:15-16 (Isa. 8:13); Revelation 19:16.” -Donald Hagner, Encountering the Book of Hebrews

TOC: Machen, Person of Jesus

1.The Triune God- knowings vs feeling God; doctrine; communicable attributes; incommunicable attributes;

2. What Is the Deity of Christ?- the concept of deity; Classical Christian concept of deity

3. Does the Bible Teach the Deity of Christ?- proofs for the deity of Christ;

4. The Sermon on the Mount- The Sermon on the Mount also gives proof of Jesus’ deity

5. What Jesus Said about Himself- Son of Man;

6. The Supernatural Christ- natural and supernatural; miracles

7. Did Christ Rise from the Dead? – proofs for the resurrection of Christ.