The Great Exchange

“You stand before God as if you were Christ, because Christ stood before God as if He were you.” – Charles Spurgeon


Hectic Week? There Is One Who Can Keep Us From Falling

“And then, you know, it is the pace that makes some people stumble. See the pace we have to go at now. When I think of our dear old fathers in the country, I almost envy their quiet lives; not up too early, and seldom going to bed very late; not much to do, leading very steady sort of lives. They traveled by broad-wheeled wagons, and we fly over the ground by
express trains, and need to go twice as quickly as we can; and all the while we have so much to do. And, then, it is not only the pace, dear friends, but it is the loads that some of you have to carry. Oh, the weights that are piled upon some of God’s people in their business! Only God can keep an overloaded heart from stumbling, and the ways are very rough just now. You hardly meet anybody in trade who does not say, “Ah, we have a rough bit of ground to travel over now; stones in plenty, and no steam roller!” But there is One who is able to keep you from falling.” -Charles Spurgeon in his sermon “Saints Guarded from Stumbling”

Hard Situations of Love Reveal the Riches of God’s Love for Us

“But, Brothers and Sisters, it is very wonderful that God should love us when we try our hardest to be rid of Him, when we are at enmity against Him, when we are opposed, even, to His love, and will not listen to the Gospel of His Grace! Yet so He did—He loved us even
in this condition! Perhaps some of you do not feel that there is anything very remarkable in this love of the Lord to the loveless. I should like you to try, if you could, love somebody who has nothing about him that is at all lovable. I hope, dear Christian people, that you do this, but if you learn to love the wicked, the ungodly, the injurious, the deceivers—if you
even love those who vilify you, those who slander you every day, those who despise you and deride you and those who are ungrateful to you—if you do this, then you will get into some sort of sympathy with God and you will begin to understand a little of what His great love must be!” -Charles Spurgeon