Death’s Changed Role

“Death used to be an executioner, but the gospel has made him just a gardener.”

George Herbert, English poet, 1593-1633


Life is a Series of Divestitures

“I once heard it said that life is a series of divestitures. And, as much as I militate against loss, separation, and pain, I know that it’s true. That divestiture is part of the fabric of our lives is evident by the fact that even babies know how to say “bye-bye.”” -Elyse Fitzpatrick, Comforts from the Cross

Death Came in Through the Ear, So Does Life

“Death came in by the ear at the first. Adam hearing the serpent, that he should not have heard, death came in by the ear. So life comes in by the ear. We hear, and then we see: ‘As we have heard, so have we seen,’ say they in the psalm, Ps. xlviii. 8. It is true in religion, most of our sight comes by hearing, which is the sense of learning. God will have it so.” -Richard Sibbes, Glorious Freedom


The Valley of the Shadow of Death

“There is no doubt that a shadow is a dark place to be. But when the Lord is our shepherd, we no longer have to fear the dark places that death takes us. In the shadows we reach out to find him beside us, and the fear of the unknown fades. When he gently uses his rod of correction to prod us in the right direction and his staff of compassion to draw us close, we find comfort.” -Nancy Guthrie

The Art of Dying

“Three centuries ago a story went round about a student dent visit to Thomas Goodwin, the Puritan president of Magdalen College, Oxford. In the dark study Goodwin opened the conversation by asking if his visitor were ready to die. The lad fled. The story was told for laughs then, as it would be now; but it ought to be said that if it really happened, Goodwin was asking a proper pastoral question that should not be made fun of, whatever we might think of his technique. For however old or young you are, one secret of inner peace and living to the full is to be realistically prepared for death-packed up, we might say, and ready to go. It is not absurd for its to remind each other of that fact.” -Derek Thomas

Anti-God Energy

“One who does not have the Spirit does not necessarily and self-consciously say, “How can I destroy my life today?” He may choose a path that looks good and proper, but it leads to destruction: “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death” (Prov. 14:12). A relentless anti-God energy is at work in the minds of unbelievers, distracting, deceiving, and dragging down every thought into a grave.”-Derek Thomas