Justice in Practice

​”There is no suggestion that the scribes and Pharisees were opposed in principle to justice, mercy, and faithfulness. The problem was that they did not devote the same care to working out the practical implications of these basic principles as they did to the minutiae of tithing herbs. ” -Eric Mason



Being transformed by the gospel means that we as the covenant community bring that newness of life wherever we go. Our desire should be for our kingdom activity to point to the need for the soul to be changed.” – Eric Mason

The Unity of the Church

There’s no peace like God-sent peace. And this is what should mark us as the people and the family of God. We are the sheepfold, the body, the new humanity, chosen race, new creation, the elect, exiles, royal priesthood, living stones, and temple of the living God! All of this speaks not of our individuality, but of our connectivity through Jesus’ death by faith.” – Eric Mason


“for two thousand years, the church has remembered the death of Christ in this sacred memorial of the Lord’s Supper. Jesus also understood the traditional Jewish link between apostasy and forgetting.” – RC Sproul

Language is Dynamic

That’s a common problem with language—it is dynamic. Its nuances change from one generation to the next. In Elizabethan English, for example, if you called a girl “cute,” you insulted her, because cute meant “bowlegged,” whereas today it means something quite different.” – RC Sproul

Distinctions vs Separations

​”I tell my students, “One of the most important distinctions you will ever learn to make is the one between a distinction and a separation.” We say that a human being is a duality—he has a physical dimension and a non-physical dimension, which the Bible describes in terms of body and soul. If I distinguish a person’s body from his soul, I do no harm to him, but if I separate his body from his soul, I not only harm him, I kill him. By not grasping the difference between distinguishing and separating, Nestorius essentially destroyed the biblical Christ. ” -RC Sproul